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Booking The Flying Deutschman

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What kind of events do we do?

We do all different style of events! We do Big festivals, smaller sit down 3-course dinners, corporate lunches and outings, private birthday parties, weddings and of course…pirate themed parties!

One of our very unique features is a mobile stage which we mount on top of the truck and has room for a 4 piece band, the setup or rental fee for this is $300.

What is our capacity?

Beer and Brat Fest

  • We can serve up to 400 per hour – all the sausages come with condiments just like an authentic beer fest in Germany

Full Menu

  • We can serve up to 100 per hour, and if we tailor the menu we can do anything in between.

3 Course Sit Down Dinner

  • We can serve 64 in 3 hours. This assumes we would do 2 seatings each with 32 people. Of course, we can also do just 32 people but that will raise the price.

Above all, please remember that we are flexible!

What are our prices?

There seems to be a lot of mystery about food truck pricing out there, so let’s end that!

Prices can vary because of food selection and prep time involved – especially for sit down dinners. Here are our base prices:

  1. For every mile traveled, we charge $1
  2. For every hour traveled, we charge $15 per employee
  3. Our minimum charge for food is $1200 – which could feed 80 guests at $15 per person, during September and October this goes up to $1500 but will feed 100 people so the per head cost stays the same.  

If you would like more detailed information please email us through our contact form.


Stirling Sowerby (Chef/Owner/Operator)